Weekly Activities, September 2017

TUE, 5.9. Tuesday Study with con Khenpo Tashi
19.15  LOJONG / MINDTRAINING teachings:
Lojong is a mind training practice that allows us to refine and purify our attitude and motivation.  

20.30   Meditation on Buddha Avalokiteshvara

THU, 7.9. Birthday of His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trichen
No activity at the centre on this auspicious day, however, we will celebrate together with prayers on Sunday, 10 September.  

TUE, 12.9. Tuesday Study with Guido Ferrari
19.15   Dharma cinema: “RELIGION OF THE HEART. THREE PRAYER GROUPS” by Guido Ferrari.
This film was shot was shot in Ticino with a catholic group guided by capuchin monk Andrea Schnöller, a Buddhist group guided by Lama Sherab and a Sufi group.

The documentary will be presented by its author Guido Ferrari.

TUE, 19.9. Mahakala Day with Khenpo Tashi CANCELLED

TUE, 26.9. Tuesday Study and Meditation with Brigitte NEW
19.15 - 20.45  THE HEART SUTRA, part 1

This is the heart of the perfection of wisdom. We will listen parts of the teachings conferred by Khenchen Sherab in January 2011.